Laura Wiese

Laura migrated to New York in early 2007 primarily because of her incredible connection with the artists that are now FullStop Collective and though she now resides in San Francisco, the company and the work are still extremely close to her heart. Laura has appeared in multiple FullStop productions such as Hangman School for Girls, Foreplays, and Clean Sheets and has served as the costume designer for Girl Words, HAMLETTES, Hangman School for Girls and Diving in December. Outside of FullStop, Laura’s favorite projects include Proof (Catherine), Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz), and the national tour of A Christmas Carol. When she is not working in stage, Laura focuses her time in voice over and has voiced countless commercials, narrations and animations for projects around the world. She holds a BFA in Acting from Drake University and is a proud alumna of the Eugene O’Neill National Theater Institute. For more on Laura, please visit