Unville Brazil

New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee for Outstanding Production of a Musical. Check us out on the NYIT Blog.

Written by Patrick Shaw
Directed by Brian Hashimoto

Featuring Pedar Bate, Becca Landis, Meredith Lark, Christopher Norwood, Diana Oh, Andrew Squier, Charity Schubert, Elizabeth Seldin, Lauren Weinberg

Music Director: Alexandra Bassett
Assistant Director: Megan Weaver
Stage Manager: Gary G. Howell
Light Design: Lois Catanzaro
Set Design: Jacquelyn D. Marolt
Costume Design: Abbie Chase
Sound Design: Chris Kadis Moscato
Puppet Design: Meredith Lark and Jean Marie Keevins
Producer: Leta Tremblay
Technical Director: Tom Meredith
Assistant Producer: Christine Drew Benjamin
Guitarist: Patrick Shaw
Publicity: Emily Owens PR