Clean Sheets

Written by Ethan Keene
Directed by Brian Hashimoto

Clean Sheets is a new play written by Ethan Keene that follows one man’s bizarre journey of self discovery through his own dreams. Confronted monkey salesmen, sea nymphs, demons, squirrels, and even visions of himself, he is flung from the murky depths of seduction to the vast desert of loneliness as he tumbles through the endless world of his own imagination, coming to grips with his own notions of self and reality along the way. Brian Hashimoto leads a fearless ensemble on this theatrical adventure of bringing the rich worlds and characters of Clean Sheets to life for the stage, utilizing masks, puppetry, movement, song, and soundscapes to bring you, the audience, into this unbound world of dreams.

Featuring Savvy Clement, Lucy Gillespie, Dothan Negrin, Caitlin O’Connell, Diana Oh, Elizabeth Seldin, Jacob Simonsen, Jay Spriggs, Laura Wiese

Stage Manager: Leta Tremblay

June 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th
The Vintage Loft
393 Broadway, 3rd Floor
(btw Walker and White)

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Written and Directed by Alexandra Bassett

Negative Space investigates the distractions that connect people. It’s an upbeat and staggeringly truthful collage of monologues, scenes, live music, dance, slide projections, cell phone fights, video clips, Starbucks, champagne parties, and full-on-audience-inclusive-super-awesome games of pictionary!

Featuring Analise Hartnett, Brian Hashimoto, Lillian Meredith, Kate Michaud, Patrick Shaw

Production Manager: Leta Tremblay
Original Live Music: Alexandra Bassett
Produced by Alexandra Bassett (in association with Looking Glass Theatre)

March 26, 28, 29, and April 3 & 5
@ The Looking Glass Theatre
422 West 57th Street



by Patrick Shaw
Directed by Lillian Meredith

GIRL WORDS is the story of 3 12-year-old girls who decide to put on a production of Shakespeare’s HAMLET. Bossy Alexandra is Hamlet, shy Ophelia plays Ophelia (of course), and Chloe, the actress, plays ALL of the other characters. As these tweens become more absorbed in rehearsals, the dramas of the prince of Denmark begin to infiltrate their own lives with tragic results.

Featuring Alexandra Bassett, Diana Oh, Kate Michaud

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Christa Hinkley
Production Stage Manager: Tom Meredith
Costumes: Laura Wiese
Sound: Becky Grajeda
Produced by Lillian Meredith and Patrick Shaw

January 8-10/15-17
@ Flushnik Studios
698 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY

*image courtesy of Helene Deroubaix thefairyattic.free.fr