The Plays:
Mad Twitterpated
Written by Patrick Shaw, Directed by Alexandra Bassett
Featuring Caroline Calkins, Cliff Campbell, Michael Micalizzi

Written by Lucy Gillespie, Directed by Leta Tremblay
Featuring Marco Formosa, Eliza Huberth

Fore Play or Red Play
Written by Andrew Beal, Directed by Brian Hashimoto
Featuring Scott Morse, Tovah Rose, Laura Wiese

There is no part of me that wants to have sex with you right now and yet here we are
Written and Directed by Lillian Meredith
Featuring Sean McIntyre, Sarah Ann Masse, Lauren Weinberg, Laura Wiese

The Lewis Family Waltz
Written by Benjamin Smolen, Directed by Patrick Shaw
Featuring Louiza Collins, Conrad de la Rosa, Eliza Huberth, Jay Spriggs

Written by Anton Handel, Directed by Alexandra Bassett
Featuring Celeste Arias, Analise Hartnett, Lillian Meredith, Scott Morse, Brenden Rogers
Written and Directed by Brian Hashimoto
Featuring Matthew Roth, Rachel

Lust Trust
Written by Alexandra Bassett, Directed by David Jaffe
Featuring Tommy Crawford, Kate Michaud, Patrick Shaw

The Music:
Quiet Loudly

The Films:
Ironic T-Shirt