New Beginnings

Dear friends,

In 2007, a group of young, visionary theater makers decided to become each others’ artistic family. We formed FullStop Collective, and proceeded to create and produce 10 evening-length new plays, 4 new-play festivals, a multi-year play development series, and a devising wing that supported 4 original director-driven projects.

During this journey, we evolved and grew as artists and as people. For many of us, our time with FullStop led to all kinds of amazing opportunities, and we’re now in cities across the U.S., studying in graduate schools, teaching, running theaters, making films, producing opera, dropping albums, becoming doctors, becoming parents, and always, ALWAYS, writing, directing, acting, designing, and creating new works of theater.

As a community devoted to giving each other a platform for our work and our voices, we are proud to pronounce FullStop Collective’s mission accomplished.  After nine years, we have closed the FullStop chapter of our lives, and are excited to embrace whatever the future holds.

Please keep in touch! We will keep our Facebook page and this website alive as testaments to our amazing journey.

With all our love,
Megan and Leta
Co-Artistic Directors