Ghost Card

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Created and directed by Megan Weaver and Hassan Christopher
Choreography by Hassan Christopher in collaboration with the ensemble

Costume design by Ana Stacia/enfant gâté
Sound design by Noel Nichols
Prop card design by Adam Wile
Prop card construction by Jacquelyn Marolt
Production management by Corinne Woods

Production Sponsor: Jack Sharkey

Featuring: Alexander Bianchi, Yuki Fukui, Beth Griffith, Naomi King, Katrina Leung, Lorenzo Sariñana, and Skye Van Rensselaer

Ghost Card
A voyeuristic gang of hungry ghosts feed on the stories of the living through this audience interactive, card-game-turned-performance. Enslaved to the rules of chance, eight unruly ghosts and an obsessed card dealer relive true, crowdsourced tales through contemporary dance and a host of irreverent storytelling tactics. Join us for Ghost Card as we transform collected voices into a haunting maze of intimate human details and surreal delights…

Produced in partnership with Allan and Ellen Wexler and FullStop.LAB

Weds August 3, Thurs August 4, Sat August 6, 7:30-9PM
Hudson River Park at 29th Street

Saturday, September 17, 2 PM to 4 PM
Socrates Sculpture Park


Special Thanks:

Allan & Ellen Wexler, Adam Wile, Alexia Sky, Boris Khmelnitskiy, Brook Klausing, Caitlin Johnston, Cassim Shepard, Charles McMickens, Curry Whitmire, Drew Nichols, Eddie Stern and the Brooklyn Yoga Club, Jacquelyn Marolt, Katy Hill, Michael Micalizzi, Naomi King, Paige Rhea

Ghost Card Donors:

Alexandra Jamieson, Amanda Chan, Amy Sternhell, Analise Hartnett, Angela & Asio Highsmith, Ashley McLemore, Bob Gower, Bob Jaffe, Brenda Foley, Brian Freeland, Brittany Steele, Brook Klausing, Chelle Farrand, Chris Norwood, Corinne Van Rensselaer, Courtney Greer, Cyndi Kimmel, Dana Arig, David Schwarz, Dee Purcell, Diana Wright, Edgar Moss, Erick D. Koon, Erin Glass, Gabe Friedman, Gloria Wallace Greene, Gwendolyn Boniface, Hannah Lepage, Heather Mcghee, Holly Giesbrecht, Ilker Oztop, Jake Pinholster, Jane Kim, Janouke Goosen, Jeff McMahon, Jeremy & Jody Weaver, Joan and Tito Bianchi, John Young, Jose Marquez, Julie Rada, Kevin Arrieta, Kevin Bunge, Kristen Leibensperger, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Laura Edelstein, Lauren Neville, Leigh Walter, Leta Tremblay, Lillian Meredith, Lindsey Lollie, Liz Dillow, Luca Pelliccioni, Marissa Labog, Marya Ursin, Mathew Landfield, Mathew TIng, Maxwell Pluss, Megan Wilcox, Melanie Shank, Mike Fraietta, Mona Jean Cedar, Nicola Emerich, Paige Mikuriya, Pat Shaw, Patra Jongjitirat, Performance Health, Pinot’s Palette, Rebecca Weaver, Ronnie Brosterman, Samantha Hoffman, Sayra Flores, Shana Burstein, Shannon Whalen, Shayna Keller, Shelley Fort, Stephanie Sherry, Steven Christopher, Susan Wrubel, Sydney Freggiaro, Sylvie Wong, Tal Gur, Tamara Zook, Tawny Leung, Tim/Pam Weaver, Valerie Garral, WTF Coffee Lab, Wendy Boyce, Yvette Evee Flores, Danielle Brazell, Michelle Sagarminaga, Serena Van Rensselaer

Story Contributors:
Paule Aboite, Kimberly Bergantzel, Lynne Burroughs, Tami Burton, Alexandra Constas, Liz Dillow, Nicolette Dixon, Chelle Farrand, Raychel Amarylis Frenzen, Holly Giesbrecht, Cambria Herrera, Katy Hill, Caitlin Johnston, Naomi King, Linda LeClair, Jose Martinez, Heather McGhee, Mike McGeehon, Stacey Meisler, Drew Nichols, Alex Oliszewski, Janelle Wheeler Olivarez, Joia Otto, Lauren Hall Pickthorn, Julie Rada, Alyssa Rands, Vanessa Rose Rivera, Katie Sample, Cassim Shepard, Carol Sherwood, Lina Siegert, Leta Tremblay, Laura Wiese, Adam Wile