The Plays:
Sausage Fest
Written and Directed by Alexandra Bassett
Featuring Sean McIntyre, Diana Oh, Wheaton Simis

The Push to Mate
Written by Patrick Shaw
Directed by Megan Weaver
Featuring Savvy Clement, John DeSilvestri, Brian Dunlop, Melissa Gordon,
Eliza Huberth, Meredith Lark, Brenden Rogers, Matt Roth

The Foreplay Play
Written by Mariah MacCarthy
Directed by Leta Tremblay
Featuring Lindsey Austen, Pedar Bate, Becca Landis, Diana Oh

Rank Jumping
Written by Brent Lengel
Directed by Brian Hashimoto
Featuring Savvy Clement, Brian Dunlop, Hannah Gold, Brian Henderson, Meredith Lark,
Paige LaRoss, Victoria Ann Miller, Matt Roth, Elizabeth Seldin

Musical Guest:
Lazer Cake