FullStop.LAB is the creative incubator of the Collective’s signature work. The LAB is designed to nurture the growth of long-term projects conceived by Collective leaders.

The LAB provides support in four areas:

  • Time, to create without a performance deadline;
  • Space, to explore both physically and intellectually;
  • Funding, to financially release participating artists so they can focus on the work;
  • Community, to respond to the process via creative support and workshop feedback.

The goal of the LAB is to cultivate ambitious ideas into performance-ready pieces, and collaboratively illuminate a unique future path for each project.

Current Project

Mweaver_Headshots 4

Ghost Card
Led by Megan Weaver and Hassan Christopher
A voyeuristic gang of hungry ghosts feed on the stories of the living through this audience interactive, card-game-turned-performance.  Enslaved to the rules of chance, eight unruly ghosts and an obsessed card dealer relive true, crowdsourced tales through contemporary dance and a host of irreverent storytelling tactics.

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Past Projects


That’s How You Know She’s Dead
Led by Lillian Meredith
Sex, social media, labiaplasty, slut shaming, slut celebrating, Facebook, YouTube, YouPorn, PornHub, trolling, marketing, sex. Is it even possible to be liberated and empowered in the age of internet pornography?
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The Belief Project
Led by Leta Tremblay
An exploration of the nature of belief in the current world climate. Source material, collected through personal interviews and research, will be physicalized by employing music, dance, poetry, and prose into a theatrical collage for the stage.
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The 7 Layers of Bastian Bachman
Led by Megan Weaver
Using Hofstadter’s strange loops as a narrative prompts, we will explore an inner world of memory, perception, and musical genius to create an immersive theatrical event in an abandoned site.
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